Feeder Cattle

We are always in the market for ETN Sired calves. ETN Genetics are sought after by packers and color consistency make Charolais influenced calves easy for buyers to idenfity.

Proven Carcass Value, Feedlot Efficiency and Performance all the way to close out. The beef cattle industry demands it and it is what the Eaton Program is all about.

Eaton Charolais Sired 4H Carcass Champion Gallatin County Fair, Bozeman Montana

Start Weight: 810 Live Weight: 1340 ADG: 2.94 *2nd Place ADG HCW: 858 DRESSING:64% BACKFAT: 0.50 REA: 18.2 YG: 1.59 CUTABILITY: 53.1% QUALITY GRADE: CHOICE **1st Place ADG recorded a YG of 4.41 = DISCOUNT OF $25/CWT